Ballet Program

Ballet Summer Camp (in-person)

When I started this ballet summer camp, I wanted each week to have a different theme.  The sessions were based on Disney movies so that the children likely already knew the songs and the story.  I created ballet lessons, crafts, circle time that all matched the theme.  At the end of each session, we had a mini performance so that the parents could watch and cheer for their little dancers. 

For Frozen, we made magic wands, then did a mini performance to "Let It Go."  For Moana, we made grass skirts and everything was Hawaiian themed.  I had the most fun with the Nutcracker theme.  After showing the kids a real Nutcracker and telling the story, we danced to the Sugar Plum song and also made the Sugar Plum fairy out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. During the Mulan week, we performed a Chinese fan dance to "Reflections." For Sleeping Beauty, everyone wore tiaras that they had decorated and we performed the dance of flowers. Last, for Beauty and the Beast, we made Belle's dress out of yellow paper plates and danced with a single red rose. 

This was my first time running a camp like this. While it was scary, it also taught me a lot. First, I had to be very prepared ahead of time and lesson plan so that I knew how to run the class. Second, I used the ballet bunnies to help ease the kids into the sessions.  We had a teddy bear dance and scarf dance in the middle of the session, which always helped the kids feel more comfortable and unrestrained. Last, I knew that the parents didn't know me very well and I had to establish myself as a ballet teacher, so I had to work extra hard to earn their trust. I talked to the kids, set up chairs for the parents to sit on the side, and made sure it was a fun and worthwhile time for everyone.  Overall, it was a great success and it led me to keep opening more and more classes and gave me the confidence to pursue this dream! 

Checking In and Welcome

Warms Ups and Circle Time

Ballet Technique

Teddy Bear Dance and Scarf Dance

Story Time

Craft Corner

Performance Time

Ballet Sessions (at a preschool/kindergarten)

I was teaching a Phonics Camp at a local preschool and kindergarten, and asked if they wanted someone to give an after-school extension ballet class.  The teacher thought it was a great idea, so I sent an email to all the parents.  To my surprise, more than half the kids signed up!  Some kids just danced in their regular clothes, but some kids got so excited that they brought their costumes/tutus as a change of clothes to attend class. 

Online Ballet Summer Camp (virtual)

During Covid, I taught ballet classes online. I had to quickly pivot and turn all my curriculum to a virtual format!  I taught at First5, which is a non-profit organization for Santa Clara county and had 10 children.  Being virtual also allowed me to teach ballet classes online to a local orphanage school, IMA, in Guatemala!

Warm Ups

Scarf Dance

Story Time and Ballet Short Clips

Dance-Along Songs and Dramatic Play

Ballet Technique and Virtual Show